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Freeze on connect?

Posted By: Jynx37

Freeze on connect? - 28/12/06 07:22 AM

Okay so I recently recieved and terminated a hacktool virus. In the process my mIRC that was previously downloaded was deleated. I came to the site and downloaded the new 6.2 version of it. I can open it, it tells me i have a 30 day trial period. I click okay and it takes me to the tools. I filled out my name, email addy, nickname and clicked on servers. I changed the server to nightstar.net, random server and return to connect and click "connect to server" I begins to connect then freezes. I can move the mouse but cannot click on anything. Whats wrong?
Posted By: Bundy

Re: Freeze on connect? - 28/12/06 12:02 PM

Delete mIRC through the Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs menu. Then go to the root folder where your mIRC get stored - mine is under Program Files - and delete the mIRC folder. Clean the Recycle Bin - and restart. Install again.

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