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Closing Link: (No more connections allowed

Posted By: thewannab

Closing Link: (No more connections allowed - 16/12/02 12:59 AM

is there anything you can do to get that will help you to get on to the servere faster or even get on at all server's always full>Closing Link: (No more connections allowed in your connection class (the server is full))
Posted By: Collective

Re: Closing Link: (No more connections allowed - 16/12/02 01:09 AM

No, there isn't, whether or not the server lets you on is up to the server.
Posted By: Dana

Re: Closing Link: (No more connections allowed - 16/12/02 01:12 AM

This message essentially means that the server is full and is not accepting any more clients.

The best thing to do might be to simply try another server on the same network. If you want, you can also keep trying to connect to this server (under the assumption that there are people who will be disconnecting from the server all the time) but this may not prove to be very effective.

First of all, some networks (such as DALnet), will automatically ban you if you try to connect too many times within a certain time period.

Secondly, some servers may be restricted on purpose. In an effort to lower user count, the server administrator may have decided to restrict the allowed number of clients to a number that's a lot lower than the actual number of people currently on the server (the idea is to lower the number of people on the server gradually, without kicking anyone off). While rarer, this is still a possibility.

However, there aren't any tricks that you can use to get on a server that is full (unless you know the server admin, but that's another discussion). All you can do is to keep trying the server and the other servers on the same network.
Posted By: wyx

Re: Closing Link: (No more connections allowed - 16/12/02 04:27 AM

your server is fulll for this class
basic class is user
if you are ircop or restrict may be can connect to that server
coz you are not on USER class but you are on OPER class or RESTRICT class

generally it used on hybrid server
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