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cannot log in to the mirc

Posted By: male42bbs

cannot log in to the mirc - 22/11/05 11:01 AM

i have tried to log in to the mirc but couldn't...so can u tell me what is happenning and how i could log in

Posted By: RusselB

Re: cannot log in to the mirc - 23/11/05 12:29 AM

You don't log into mIRC. mIRC is a chat application for an IRC network. When you connect to an IRC network, you might have to log in, especially if you're using a registered nick.

Then again, if you were using a registered nick and you were the person that registered it, then you'd know this, since you would've had to connect to the network and register the nick in the first place.

In order to provide you with a better explanation or to figure out how to help you, we need to know what's wrong, and the proper type of problem, as well as if you're getting any error messages in your status screen.
Posted By: male42bbs

Re: cannot log in to the mirc - 23/11/05 05:47 AM

when i try to connect to the dalnet server, this statement appeear stated that "unable to connect to server" ( connection time out )...before this i'm not having this type of problem.
So how could i solve this problem
Posted By: RusselB

Re: cannot log in to the mirc - 23/11/05 06:03 AM

I also have this problem on occasion. The only thing you can do is to keep trying. I recommend that you not use a specific server.
In mIRC Options - Connect - Options - Retry
have both check boxes checked.
In mIRC Options - Connect - Servers
set IRC Network to DALnet
set IRC Server to DALnet: Random server

Aside from that, all you can do is just keep trying.
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