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Help me plzzzzzzzzzz k-lined!!!!

Posted By: DaF

Help me plzzzzzzzzzz k-lined!!!! - 17/09/05 10:57 AM

1.using mirc v.6.16
2. using winxp pro
the problem is that i can't connect anymore to irc using undernet server or any server it just say k-lined or unable to connect to server (connection time out) another is unable to resolve server what's is that? what's the problem? can anyone help me .tnxs
Posted By: DaF

Re: Help me plzzzzzzzzzz k-lined!!!! - 17/09/05 11:43 AM

- *** Looking up your hostname
- *** Checking Ident
- *** Found your hostname
- *** No ident response
Ping? Pong!
Banned from server
Closing Link: daf`out by Oslo1.NO.EU.undernet.org (K-lined)

this is the message on my irc any help???
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Help me plzzzzzzzzzz k-lined!!!! - 17/09/05 01:03 PM

A K-line is a ban from the network. The only way to resolve the problem is to contact the network administration via their webpage. In this case Undernet Once you contact the network administration they'll be able to tell you why the K-line is in effect.
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