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ERROR :Closing Link: (Connection Timed Out)

Posted By: cerulean

ERROR :Closing Link: (Connection Timed Out) - 09/10/04 11:03 PM

Hi all.
I just gave a shot at creating a bot with Python. All was working fine, but then I got the following error while being connected to the IRC server:

USER CeruleanBot bot.example.com bot.example.com :CeruleanBot
NICK CeruleanBot bot.example.com
NOTICE AUTH :*** Found your hostname, welcome back
NOTICE AUTH :*** Checking ident
NOTICE AUTH :*** No identd (auth) response

ERROR :Closing Link:  (Connection Timed Out)

And then it just stops running.
Can someone explain whats happening?

Thanks for your time.
Posted By: alkahol1k

Re: ERROR :Closing Link: (Connection Timed Out) - 10/10/04 05:40 PM

your server needs a connection with ident enabled to connect to that server. dunno how in python though.
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: ERROR :Closing Link: (Connection Timed Out) - 10/10/04 05:48 PM

Sure, you need to respond to an ident request, reading the ident rfc might help smile
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