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Posted By: Dashiya Dcc speed - 09/07/04 09:37 AM

when i try to send og recive files in Mirc, my connection speed get low. and without using mirc.. its fast. so i was wondring if ya people could help me out.

i have tried to change "max cps pr send" in the dcc option. but it doesnt help..

so plz plz help me out smile

thanx in advance smile
Posted By: bunar Re: Dcc speed - 10/07/04 12:48 AM
also depends on another user(s) if you use xDSL and another user has 56k or 128k ISDN, user cannot "take" (you cannot send) files with high speed coz another user has LOUZY connection (slow) and is limited, and again if you with xDSL wanna take (recive) from that user something you cant recive files from him with high speed coz user has LOUZY (slow) connection


/pdcc on
/dcc maxcps 0
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