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Posted By: HikirA unable to connect - 09/07/04 06:04 AM
i downloaded the new irc. and when i hit connect to gamesurge, it says * Unable to resolve server* and brings up a box, and the help box didnt work....and hit just keeps retrying server. over and over, and never connects.....fyi, i have no firewall enabled. and i had no problems connecting untill today july,8 2004.
Posted By: redxii Re: unable to connect - 09/07/04 07:35 AM
I can't connect either. I am being told Gamesurge is under a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

Those who were already connected should remain so but I made the mistake of closing mIRC to update it at the wrong time.
Posted By: niv Re: unable to connect - 09/07/04 07:48 AM
Neither can I. I restarted my comp and from then on I was unable to connect(to gamesurge). I couldn't connect to DALnet either, but every other server was fine. frown
Posted By: redxii Re: unable to connect - 09/07/04 10:12 AM
It works now, as of 5 a.m. CST
Posted By: vi3t Re: unable to connect - 10/07/04 11:33 AM
well its Saturday July 10th (7:35 am) and i cant connect .. some guy noticed a channel and said something along the lines of:

You have a message repsond to it by typing /s msgbot

and then i got disconnected and couldnt get back on.
Posted By: Mentality Re: unable to connect - 10/07/04 12:33 PM
Sadly, (Distributed) Denial of Service attacks are not uncommon on IRC and they can often render networks useless temporarily or indeed, permanently.

If you can connect to one network but not another one then it hasn't got anything to do with mIRC, it's a server issue. We obviously can't say what's going on with networks 'behind the scenes' because we have nothing to do with them (necessarily) so the best thing we can suggest is wait 24-48 hours for the network to clean itself up or contact the network administration via their website. You might also search their website for any news that may have been posted regarding the issue.

DALnet has been hard to connect to for the past few days, I have no idea exactly why this is. Given it's history it *might* be attacks on some servers, there is no way of me knowing though. I haven't personally tried connecting to GameSurge but it may be the same issues.

As for this /s msgbot command, you may have an /s alias that acts like /server. Try typing /server irc.gamesurge.net to make sure you're not just reconnecting to 'msgbot'. You could also try another server - check out the GameSurge website. You could also post on their forums or search their forums for information.
As an added note you should not be typing what other people tell you to type unless you know them well AND you know what the command does.

Hope you get back online soon!

Posted By: redxii Re: unable to connect - 10/07/04 12:48 PM
It stopped working again @ about 11:30p cst and has not worked at what is now 8 a.m. cst. I am unable to go to gamesurge's website as well so DoS has rendered that useless also.
Posted By: pulsar Re: unable to connect - 10/07/04 06:15 PM
yep same problem here

crazy shiz
Posted By: pulsar Re: unable to connect - 10/07/04 06:28 PM
its 11:30 Pacific Westcoast North Am. Time now

and it still doesnt work
Posted By: nickypoo Re: unable to connect - 11/07/04 06:46 PM
what is everyones isp's?
it might be just one isp

i use telus canada
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