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Need help with Fserve and DCC Sends

Posted By: jaimegmr

Need help with Fserve and DCC Sends - 13/02/04 05:38 AM


I am behind a firewall and people can only access my Fserve if I make mIRC use a Socks5 proxy (DK Firewall Booster) for "DCC" or "Both" (meaning DCC and Server). Apparently I need to use the Socks5 proxy for DCC.

The problem comes when someone wants to download a file from me. The download (upload from me) will work, but by setting mIRC to use the Socks5 server for DCC, it also make mIRC use the proxy to send the files. This presents somewhat of a problem when the files are big. For example, if someone requests a video (450MB), it will first "send" the video file to my Proxy (which stores it in the Windows Virtual Memory). This slows down my computer for a while, but eventually it gets faster as the my proxy dkboost.exe releases RAM and VM.

Another problem (minor problem) is that by first sending the file to my proxy server, the true send speed is not displayed in mIRC DCC send window. It only displays 0.00 KB/s. But again this is not too critical.

I need a way to make mIRC only use my Socks5 proxy only for when someone wants to access my Fserve and see the files that are being served, but not for the actual DCC file sends. If I select "DCC" in the mIRC settings Firewall menu, it uses it for both and I only want it to use it for the Fserve and not the file sends.

I hope someone knows what I can do to make this the way I need it to work.

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Need help with Fserve and DCC Sends - 13/02/04 07:46 AM

What kind of files are you sending? mp3s? What type of "videos"?

Posted By: jaimegmr

Re: Need help with Fserve and DCC Sends - 13/02/04 07:55 AM

I am serving MPG tv episodes of the A-team.
Posted By: fxmakers

Re: Need help with Fserve and DCC Sends - 13/02/04 11:46 AM

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