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Posted By: helpyugioh YU GI OH HELP - 26/09/03 10:34 PM
there is a code for world wide edtion the american version that involves summoning a card without sacrifices. Please explain this better to me on how to summon a monster without sacrificing. Respond fast email me the response

Posted By: Raccoon Re: YU GI OH HELP - 26/09/03 10:50 PM
We apologize for having no idea what you are refering to.

This forum is for help with the program mIRC available at www.mirc.com

Have a great day.
Posted By: MrPeepers Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 11:57 AM
Posted By: Poppy Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 01:22 PM
I've been dying to use this pic, and now seems like a really good time....
Posted By: sparta Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 02:33 PM
and the pic dont show grin
Posted By: pheonix Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 02:40 PM
if you read the topic of the thread, im guessing he wants yu-gi-oh help :tongue:
Posted By: Iori Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 03:24 PM
Sparta: I can see it.

Poppy: LOL
Posted By: Collective Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 03:43 PM
You must use a browser that doesn't send a referer then, or atleast have a program that blocks it.

Simple matter of rightclicking, properties and copying the URL to see it for those who don't.
Posted By: Iori Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 04:17 PM
Heh well, you're right, in IE it doesn't show... :tongue:
Posted By: pheonix Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 04:26 PM
does for me smirk
Posted By: Thray Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 07:39 PM
Yes, this is both in the right and the wrong place all at once. Its a feature suggestion AND a small rant.

You see, what mIRC REALLY needs is a little bit of code somewhere in its void main or whatnot that checks the software on a person's computer against a database to create a "Lame" rating. This rating is essentially the amount of software or files on a person's computer which are horrendously stupid and made entirely for people who have no clue what they are doing.
If this rating is past a certain point, mIRC deletes itself.

Why, you ask? To prevent things like this topic from coming into existence. Also, since I began running a network, I have noticed the exact same problem on networks. That is, someone gets on a network because a friend told them that said network has a lot of channels based on, for example, Ragnarok Online. This person then proceeds to go into network help channels and ask questions about RO, causing much annoyance among the ircops who have barely a little clue what RO even IS.
Actually, whats even worse than this is when you have one or two opers that play RO, and then answer the question. Because of this you start to have a horde of people who think that its the RO help channel now.

I forget what I was talking about, but I think it had to do with making people who are too lazy or stupid to read enough of a readme file or website to determine that a piece of software is not, in fact, affiliated with their various lame hobby (everyone has a lame hobby, admit it, even you. And they talk about it on IRC more often than not. If they use IRC that is.) pay for giving other people headaches. <- Gramatically incorrect in more ways than you can count.

Now you may wonder why I just went on for so long about absolutely nothing.. the answer is simple: This is my 100th post and I figured it should be special and big and remarkably stupid all at once ^.^
Posted By: codemastr Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 07:57 PM
void main

Dear God! You should be shot for saying such an evil and wrong thing!!!! The C++ standard specifically states that the only return type for main is int. All other types result in an error!
Posted By: Thray Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 08:57 PM
void main can work just fine >F
Posted By: codemastr Re: YU GI OH HELP - 27/09/03 10:59 PM
ISO C++ document section 3.6.1 #2:
An implementation shall not predefine the main function. This function shall not be overloaded. It shall have a return type of type int, but otherwise its type is implementation-defined.

It might work, however if a compiler is standard conforming, it will reject your code because of an error.
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