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Newbie, what to do ?

Posted By: Z3rO_C0oL

Newbie, what to do ? - 05/01/03 08:13 PM

Just want to ask, what program do I need to start my own script a new?

Do I need to buy any specialized software? (eg. VB, C++, etc)

What type of code system are we talking about here?
(eg. C, Unix, Linux, C++, VB, etc)

Can someone send me a raw code of what the normal mIRC looks like? Or explain to me how it is possible for me to view this?
Posted By: Poppy

Re: Newbie, what to do ? - 05/01/03 08:23 PM

If you mean scripting for mIRC, you don't really need any special software. You could try looking here for some excellent tutorials. smile
Posted By: Merlin

Re: Newbie, what to do ? - 06/01/03 08:32 AM

For Scripting Tutorials goto this site Additional help on Scripting Tips look at this page and this page.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Newbie, what to do ? - 06/01/03 07:41 PM

G'day Cookie Monster,

mIRC has it's own script editor. The language used is fairly unique to mIRC itself. It's probably one of the easiest languages to get the hang of, all it takes is a bit of time. The best resource is the mIRC help file. Type /help in the status window to reach it. To reach the script editor press the 7th button from the left in the mIRC toolbar.

All the best...
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