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Posted By: Kenshin

IRC-Chat - 05/01/03 04:02 PM

I got MIRC as a new programm and my friends and i really like it. Now we want to open an own IRC channel but we donīt know how. Can you please help us.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: IRC-Chat - 05/01/03 04:15 PM

Type /join #YourNewChannelNameHere

If the network allows it you'll then join to a new room where you can be the founder.

Going by the laws of averages your server will have Services and the channel service will most likely be ChanServ. If so type /cs help or /msg ChanServ help to seek registration commands.
Posted By: Kenshin

Re: IRC-Chat - 06/01/03 12:02 AM

WIth /join #channelname I came into a new channel but your commands didnīt work and the channel only exists till I leave the channel. I need to know how I can make this channel "permanent".
Posted By: Merlin

Re: IRC-Chat - 06/01/03 08:37 AM

Type /motd after you connected to the network and read what and if the network supports channel services like ChanServ ChanOp or X etc.
If such services exisits there are also several help channels to give you further information to register your channel and nickname.
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