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Killing Me

Posted By: Blind327

Killing Me - 02/01/03 08:25 PM

Help! I've registered with mIRC and I have a problem connecting. I have tried all of the various servers, enabled my Ident and I am still having trouble connecting. The message I recieve is, "You Have Been Killed". I would just like to be able to use this program that I love so much and have no more problems with it. I have SBC DSL, so I don't know if it's there problem or not. I'm changed settings on my firewall and everything. Please help, anyone!!
Posted By: Collective

Re: Killing Me - 02/01/03 08:30 PM

When someone is killed it is done by an Oper(Operator of the server), or they are banned from the server (perhaps not deliberately), it is nothing to do with mIRC. Use a different network or look for the email of the server owner and send them one asking why you are banned.
Posted By: Blind327

Re: Killing Me - 02/01/03 08:49 PM

Use a different DALnet network and how do you find the email of the operator of, for example, US DALnet?
Posted By: Collective

Re: Killing Me - 02/01/03 09:16 PM

http://www.dal.net/servers/index.php3 has a list of all servers, and clicking Details shows the admins' info.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Killing Me - 03/01/03 06:13 AM

You could also go to DALnet's kline webpage area and find who to msg, and help with whatever the reason for the kill is. If the problem is with identd, they have info on that. Search feature here, all forums, will show many posts in this
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