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help, i'm glined

Posted By: LilGuiD0

help, i'm glined - 10/08/03 05:25 PM

Today i got glined, it said i had a virus. so i did a virus scan and i found nothing. help me.
Posted By: dylan

Re: help, i'm glined - 10/08/03 05:51 PM

You're probably infected with some sort of IRC-type virus. Someone probably private messaged you and said something like "To download the Matrix Reloaded, Type //write Matrix2 $decode() etc..." or something like that. I doubt any virus scanner is going to detect something like that. Just open your remote scripts and unload things that shouldn't be there and stop typing things that people tell you to type
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: help, i'm glined - 10/08/03 06:01 PM

Do a virus scan but consider that it may just be a very wide ban that has affected you. Subnets, domains and even TLD's and 2LD's can be banned temporarily or for ever, depending on the seriousness of a drone invasion or spambots. It is often the case where innocent people are affected this way and there's not alot that anyone can do about it. You could try emailing the administrator of your network, quoting your IP address and seeking some clarification on why you are affected but they do not always reply to such emails. This also depends on what network is involved.
Posted By: pheonix

Re: help, i'm glined - 10/08/03 06:51 PM

after trying everything said already, if you havent already i recommend scanning with mcaffee(most reliable in my opinion)
Posted By: nightstal

Re: help, i'm glined - 10/08/03 07:32 PM

you most prob had the matrix virus if u dl films then get it cleaned m8
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: help, i'm glined - 13/08/03 12:51 AM

In addition to what Watchdog said, it wouldnt hurt to try an online free virus scan, like at http://housecall.trendmicro.com as they tend to be better at catching IRC related things

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