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Posted By: freddiej672

tmd-moviez? - 01/08/03 04:24 PM

how can i get to tmd-moviez what server do i go to?
Posted By: codemastr

Re: tmd-moviez? - 01/08/03 04:54 PM

Downloading movies is illegal, if you want movies try www.bestbuy.com
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: tmd-moviez? - 01/08/03 11:23 PM

In addition it is also silly. You could be downloading virii and trojans while downloading The Terminator. Warez channels are places to avoid, not look for.
Posted By: Box

Re: tmd-moviez? - 03/08/03 11:47 PM

yeah its not really a good idea asking where u can download movies from illegally in here. and of all channels to even ask for you've picked the worst!
Posted By: MrTwister

Re: tmd-moviez? - 05/08/03 11:36 AM

You're <moderator edit> to ask such a question on such a forum, and <moderator edit> if you couldn't find the channel and had to come here to ask about it...
Posted By: MrTwister

Re: tmd-moviez? - 05/08/03 11:41 AM

>You could be downloading virii and trojans while >downloading The Terminator

Ooh, yes, those nasty AVI virii and the devious MPEG trojans... and those stupid video players that look for any signs of executable code in video clips, and run it immediately... yeah, they can wipe your monitor clean.

Yeah, and the double extension "trick" - yep, there's nothing to worry about when downloading a file named "Terminator V.avi.exe", sized 500 KB - it's obviously the real thing, isn't it!

Sheesh. Do you have any shred of a clue of what you're talking about? Reminds me of that idiotic ".MP3 virus" rumor running around a year ago or so... you must have believed that one as well, eh?
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: tmd-moviez? - 05/08/03 04:43 PM

You prove to trully be the ignorant one. It IS possible to hide suck malicious code in such extentions as avi, mpeg, mpg, mp3, and swf (yes flash). Authors can hide such macros that arent specifically file-type dependant, but are triggerd by the media you chose to play it with. Meaning if you put a large piece of code aimed at an exploit found in winamp, and WMPlayer plays the file--chances are you wont be influenced by the code. Where as if you use winamp, the code now designed for winamp is being executed..

Think before you speak, and know what you ar talking about. You're obviously a layman without all the facts, so please stick to the topic and have ALL the information.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: tmd-moviez? - 06/08/03 06:07 AM

Do try to reply to ppl without name calling and insults.

Had you yourself "any shred of a clue" you would be aware of how often we have to help ppl infected as a result of rampant filesharing. Do you truly believe that everyone who pounces on the filesharing bandwagon is aware of whats "real" and whats not? Sad fact is that many arent knowledgable about trojans, virii, double file extensions etc
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