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gravity problems

Posted By: sidknee

gravity problems - 17/07/03 08:37 PM

I cant seem to connect to any of the servers on mirc that i'm putting in. I've been able to do it for years on gravity or echelon.

But three days ago i cant connect at all. I get connect to all the other channels actually built into mIRC but not gravity etc.

I've checked all my settings, everythings cool. I admit i dont know much about this really so i'm not being really useful on anything.

Is there a problem with these servers i dont know about. Its quite important i get to a specific channel.

I've tried reaching the channel via www.aintitcool.com using java but this doesnt seem to work either which sways my mind to it not being a mIRC problem. This isnt the channel i use but i can usually get to the channel through java as they are both on the same channel list, if you get what i mean.

Please help! Sorry for not really giving you much info on this!

sidknee xox
Posted By: codemastr

Re: gravity problems - 17/07/03 08:40 PM

I'm not really sure what you are saying. You talk about mIRC having built in channels, mIRC has no such thing, so I really don't know what you mean there. Then you talk about the channel on the website you pasted being in the same channel list as the one you want, what channel list? I'm not sure what you are referring to. Lastly, first you say you can't connect to the server, then you say you can't join channels, which is it? In either case, do you get an error message? And if so, what is the error?
Posted By: sidknee

Re: gravity problems - 17/07/03 08:45 PM

* Connecting to gravity.eu.uk.hub.chat-solutions.org (6667)
* Unable to resolve server

Sorry, i dont know much, but thats what i'm trying to connect to, and it wont let me. I'm dumb when it comes to all this.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: gravity problems - 17/07/03 09:05 PM

Well the reason you can't connect to that is... that server apparently doesn't exist anymore. Try one of these:
Posted By: sidknee

Re: gravity problems - 23/07/03 12:13 PM

Those are still saying the same things as echelon and gravity.
Will it be something to do with my settings??
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: gravity problems - 23/07/03 12:58 PM

irc.chat-solutions.org works.
Posted By: sidknee

Re: gravity problems - 23/07/03 12:59 PM

Managed to talk it over with some guys in a #help channel for mIRC. Apparantly its been happening with quite a lot of people.

If your having the same problem, open mIRC and in the chat solutions window, type . .

/server irc.urbox.org

this worked for me
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