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Multiple Kicking

Posted By: Phoenix_UK

Multiple Kicking - 10/07/03 04:17 PM

Hi Guys & Gals,

Can anyone tell me how i can kick multiple names in a room for example. If i want to kick out chatter 1 and chatter 2 at the same time.

/kick #channel chatter1|chatter2 <reason>

something like that maybe ?

or even better is there a way where i can kick a certain mask such as kick anyone with the same IP addy .?


Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Multiple Kicking - 10/07/03 04:21 PM

/kick #channel $nick1 | kick #channel $nick2 | kick #channel $nick3

You can't kick via IP and you can't include wildcards.
Posted By: pheonix

Re: Multiple Kicking - 10/07/03 04:42 PM

you could use a command to kick selected nicks in the nicklist,
menu nicklist {
Kick Selected: kick # $snicks
put in remote.
Posted By: Ashkrynt

Re: Multiple Kicking - 11/07/03 03:37 PM

On some networks, it's possible to do it in one command by seperating nicks with a comma, like /kick #chan nick1,nick2,nick3,nick4 Reason
Posted By: pheonix

Re: Multiple Kicking - 11/07/03 03:45 PM

an example of a wildcard kick:

alias wkick {
var %i 1
while (%i <= $nick($chan,0)) {
if (* $+ $1 $+ * iswm $nick($chan,%i)) {
kick # $nick($chan,%i)
inc %i

/wkick ee wud kick anyone with ee in their name.
Posted By: Phoenix_UK

Re: Multiple Kicking - 12/07/03 07:10 PM

Thanks for all your replies

Pheonix, your wildcard kick is great mate just what i was after.
Beers are on me blush)

Posted By: pheonix

Re: Multiple Kicking - 12/07/03 07:14 PM

np smile
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