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Posted By: pocahontas

fserving - 28/12/02 11:03 PM

what do i have to do to fserve? pls help. thanks smirk
Posted By: Dana

Re: fserving - 28/12/02 11:13 PM

If you want to learn the basics on how to run the fileserver system provided by mIRC, take a look here.

You might consider getting a fileserver script though - they allow you to set options and manage files/users/triggers more easily.

A bunch of script deposit websites are listed here - scroll down to the section called Scripts and scripting information for mIRC.
Posted By: pocahontas

Re: fserving - 28/12/02 11:18 PM

that was a fast reply, thanks a lot! i will take a look and study it. laugh
Posted By: scanner1

Re: fserving - 29/12/02 02:33 AM

Myself I use spr Jukebox. That is probably the most common serving script. Good luck and enjoy.
Posted By: pocahontas

Re: fserving - 29/12/02 06:35 PM

is that a special kind of mirc? if so, where can i download that? crazy
Posted By: Merlin

Re: fserving - 30/12/02 07:15 PM

Please read /help fserve or you may start with this example code:
ON 1:TEXT:*!Trigger*:#YourChannel:{ 
  fserve $nick 3 c:\path\to\files c:\path\to\welcome.txt 

There are webpages about Fserves at here and also here.
Posted By: pocahontas

Re: fserving - 04/01/03 02:52 AM

I am not good at scripting but I might try to ask a friend to help me... thanks for the website cool
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