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DCC Reset Problem

Posted By: Reaper_UK

DCC Reset Problem - 28/12/02 01:47 AM

I have mIRC6.03, Windows XP and run the Thriller Script (www.thriller.ws). In the DCC Options in mIRC I set it to automatically accept files ... then, when i disconnect and reconnect mIRC resets itself to DCC ignore ... how can I keep it on Automatic D/L files ?
Posted By: Hammer

Re: DCC Reset Problem - 28/12/02 03:35 AM

Try this:
  • /remote off and then reconnect. If this keeps your DCC Get setting, then you must search your script for the command /sreq ignore and perhaps remove it or comment it out. Be sure you remember to /remote on when you have completed this step to turn your remotes back on.

  • Put the following code into your remotes (Alt-R), loaded last.

    on *:CONNECT: sreq auto

    You can put this line into your very last loaded script at the bottom or create a new file (File / New) and copy it in there.
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