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I have a problem

Posted By: NevinW11

I have a problem - 19/06/03 04:01 PM

my counter strike clan has a mIRC server #a2r and whenever I try to connect to it I get Cannot join channel (+r)
what does that mean? and how can I solve the problem?
a couple of my friends can cannot yet I can't another kid in the clan is also have the same problem..
Posted By: codemastr

Re: I have a problem - 19/06/03 04:03 PM

What network is this channel on?
Posted By: pheonix

Re: I have a problem - 19/06/03 06:25 PM

+r stands for registered room on most networks :tongue:
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: I have a problem - 19/06/03 06:36 PM

have you tried msging an op in that room or asked in a help channel on that network?
Posted By: very_confused

Re: I have a problem - 19/06/03 10:57 PM

also +r means registered nick
u need to register your nick then try and go into the channel
Posted By: hrkljus

Re: I have a problem - 20/06/03 07:55 AM

I have a problem too: this morning my antivirus software ( kaspersky av aka avp) discovered a backdoor in mirc 6.03. this hasnt happened to me before. Is this backdoor an integral part of mirc or is my mirc infected with a virus or something like that?
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: I have a problem - 20/06/03 05:57 PM

mIRC as downloaded from an approved site found at www.mirc.com doesnt contain any backdoors/trojans/virii. You could have gotten any of those things thru other means of course (downloading a script/addon/mostanything). Its also possible AVP is giving you a false positive. With the info you gave, hard to give you a more specific ans as we dont know what it found or exactly where in mIRC. Guess i would start by running a diff virus scan (there are good online ones, like at trendmicro) to see what they find, checking remotes, check with kaspersky to see if they have had any false positives reported with mIRC.

hrm, seems to me there was something in the bug report area here last month about a false positive with kaspersky, use the search feature, set it to bug reports and expand the date range to 3 months with kaspersky as search term.
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