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mirc crashes

Posted By: AndyDBZ

mirc crashes - 27/12/02 12:35 AM

every now and then, and very often mIRC crashes with three errors. one of them is invalid page fault, and another in something that has to do with KERNEL32.dll, i forgot what exactly the error msgs were. If this happens to you, please post back
Posted By: Cobra

Re: mirc crashes - 27/12/02 03:55 AM

1. are you useing the newest version of mirc ? ( 6.03 )

2. what os are you useing? windows .. 95 ? 98? 2k ? me ? xp ? etc.

3. try to find a way to reproduce it, a unique thing that always happens right before it happens ? when u click on something? when you do something? .. when does it usualy happen that we might try to reproduce it.

Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: mirc crashes - 27/12/02 12:37 PM

How much RAM and free hard disk space do you have?
If either is particularly low or you're running high load programs alongside mIRC that could be the source of your problem.
Posted By: Karen

Re: mirc crashes - 27/12/02 10:04 PM

Kernal errors are memory related. There were a few MSWindows updates that rectified memory allocation errors. Make sure you have gone to the MSWindows sites and have all the latest updates for your version of Windows.
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