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Posted By: eahm Text spacing differences (ASCII)? - 21/09/22 11:29 PM
Not sure what's going on here but why when you type it looks fine and after you send it the spacing is different? Using Consolas, 11.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
Posted By: maroon Re: Text spacing differences (ASCII)? - 22/09/22 08:10 AM
It helps when you post like this that you include a comment that lets us reproduce your issue, and preferrably one without literal color/controlcodes. I finally figured out that you're not actually typing anything, but that that this must be a multi-line text in the editbox.

I'm guessing the difference is that the editbox using the font-linking built into windows, while the message area uses mIRC's own font-linking and text handlers. Not sure if the behavior happens also in win10, but in win7 if you set the font to "emoji one color", in the editbox it looks crazy with all letters you type getting smashed on top of each other - except for the SPACE. But the text looks normal once you press ENTER and the text shows in the #channel/@window area.

I also noticed something possibly related to your issue, with the unicode codepoints for the chess pieces, where they looked normal in the editbox, but in the channel window they looked badly, including the black queen looking like a silhouette of bart simpson. It turned out that mIRC's font linking includes Fixedsys Excelsior 3.01, and if a font matching that specific string is loaded, that the channel window area was showing a lot of characters by linking to Fixedsys Excelsior 3.01 even when the channel window was using a different font than that. When I unloaded that Fixedsys Excelsior version and switched to Fixedsys Excelsior NoLiga, the chess pieces showed as expected in the channel window area, because mIRC didn't find the font with the different 'name'.
Posted By: eahm Re: Text spacing differences (ASCII)? - 23/09/22 02:54 AM
Thanks for explaining maroon, is there a way to change the spacing (by 1 point) so the results looks like in the edibox?
Posted By: maroon Re: Text spacing differences (ASCII)? - 23/09/22 08:22 AM
Your issue may relate to this thread


Since you didn't provide a way to reproduce your problem, I can't test to see if a different font like the one mentioned in that thread would evade the problem. If you're using something that contains characters that get garbled by the forum, you can put the entire multi-line string into the clipboard and then paste into your post the output from:

//var %a $encode($cb(-1),m) | echo 3 -a %a | clipboard %a | echo 4 -a $decode(%a,m)

The green is what you'd paste, and the red confirms that you don't have something unexpected in your clipboard such as the above command itself

Unfortunately this kind of ASCII Art is "in the eye of the beholder". There's other forum users much more familiar with this activity than I am.

If mIRC were fixed so that there wasn't a guaranteed pixel gap between lines, that might affect the readability of normal text being crowded together, unless these kind of codepoints were able to be full height while letting text letters avoid touching the text on the row above it.

And even then, that would only help the viewing by those who had the same client+version+font settings as you have. i.e. someone whose channel font is a proportional font like Arial won't see this kind of display well if it uses different characters who have different widths in a proportional font.
Posted By: eahm Re: Text spacing differences (ASCII)? - 23/09/22 09:05 AM
There is not way to reproduce that "problem" man, set the font to Consolas, 11, copy something from here http://patorjk.com/software/taag and paste it, look at it before and after you paste it, done.

I'll check the other stuff but I meant from mIRC, changing anything in mirc.ini etc. there is not way to change the spacing correct?
Posted By: Khaled Re: Text spacing differences (ASCII)? - 23/09/22 11:32 AM
I am pretty sure that you have asked about this before :-) I assume you are referring to the single pixel line-spacing between the lines. This cannot be changed. It would not even be possible to add this as an option as it would require major changes to all display-related features throughout mIRC.
Posted By: eahm Re: Text spacing differences (ASCII)? - 23/09/22 11:30 PM
Ohh yes sorry, maybe I missed the previous replies, nevermind then all good and thank you for checking both of you.
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