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Posted By: laurenMc Links - 26/07/22 03:10 PM
I downloaded the new version & now links to pix & now do not work.
Any ideas?

Okay, I have figured out a part of the problem with posting Links in MIRC. When I post a link from PostImage, MIRC will not enter the colon (:) after https, I have no idea why, Even if I enter it myself it won't transfer once I connect with MIRC.
Any guesses?
Posted By: maroon Re: Links - 27/07/22 02:02 AM
I'm not clear what your problem is. Can you walk us step by step so that we can re-create your problem? here's what I tried and it seems to work ok

I uploaded a random picture that will get deleted after 7 days.
I then pasted the link into an mIRC editbox:

/echo -a https://postimg.cc/LhZG8bK4

I can then rightclick and choose 'copy link' and it's correctly added into the clipboard, including your missing colon.
I can also choose 'open link', and it's sent to the browser including the colon.
Posted By: laurenMc Re: Links - 27/07/22 11:50 AM
When I cut & paste the link from Postimage the colon disappears.
If I add it manually in the box, when I connect to MIRC the colon disappears.
When I put the curser on the link nothing happens, no pointing finger as ability to view the pic via the link.
If I use Imagepaste, works fine.
Posted By: maroon Re: Links - 28/07/22 07:52 PM
This is not step by step. Show me how to re-create your problem. Explain like I'm five
what link where?
what box?
connecting what to mirc? do you mean you're connecting to an IRC server?
what link? If you are hovering the mouse over text that doesn't have a colon after the https, well yeah that's not a link
Posted By: laurenMc Re: Links - 29/07/22 12:26 PM
1) I upload a picture to Postimages.
2) I copy & paste the link to that image into the name box on MIRC, so it appears in my whois
3) I connect to the server.
4) the colon (:) after https// disappears when connecting to the server.
5) Hovering the cursor over the link does not produce the hand with the pointing finger needed to click on the link.
6) I have no idea why the colon disappears.
Posted By: Khaled Re: Links - 29/07/22 12:41 PM
Ah, right, that makes it clearer. The nick, alternative nick, name, and email settings currently have a number of characters stripped out, including colons, to make them safe to store in INI files, specifically the servers.ini, which needs to parse colons for some server parameters. However, it does look like only some of the servers.ini parameters need to have colons removed, so this issue will be fixed in the next version of mIRC.
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