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Posted By: maroon mIRC speech - 16/04/22 12:26 AM
Does anyone have any experience with using the Windows 7 default speech capability?

I hadn't tried to use mIRC's speech since XP or Vista or whichever version it was that Microsoft had a downloadable agent. But under Win7 the $agent(0) is zero, so I assumed it wouldn't work. However, someone went into the help channel asking about how to adjust the speech so it would exclude url's from what it spoke, so this time i clicked to enable speech, and I was surprised to see that speech options were listing Microsoft Anna.

However, I can't figure out how to get Ana to respond to any of the speech commands like /gtalk.

I'm hoping someone knows how to interact with Anna
Posted By: Khaled Re: mIRC speech - 16/04/22 07:04 AM
You will need to use /speak or enable the speech options in the Options/Sounds dialog.

The /gtalk command uses Microsoft Agent which is no longer supported by Windows.
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