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Posted By: LouWestin Lets Encrypt Cert Invalid - 02/10/21 03:16 PM
For my ZNC server I use a SSL cert from Lets Encrypt. Recently, one of the certificates in the root chain expired, so I was able to run a command on my server to update the root chain to a trusted certificate which now shows as not expired (Source: https://blog.devgenius.io/lets-encrypt-change-affects-openssl-1-0-x-and-centos-7-49bd66016af3).

However, I'm still getting the error about the certificate has expired. Here's screenshots of the certifcate path and error message. https://imgur.com/a/s72BDlC
Posted By: Khaled Re: Lets Encrypt Cert Invalid - 02/10/21 05:08 PM
Thanks for posting. This issue has hopefully been fixed in the latest release which can be downloaded from the mIRC website.
Posted By: LouWestin Re: Lets Encrypt Cert Invalid - 03/10/21 02:58 PM
The update fixed it! Thank you for your hard work!
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