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Posted By: raycomp link two channels on my server - 15/06/21 02:23 PM
I have a server with three separate channels, #LetsChat #UserHelp and #Trivia.

Is it possible to link them so that if a user logs into #LetsChat that he automatically the other two?

I have no idea if it is possible and if so how!

Any help, suggestions, or snippet will be appreciated
Posted By: Jigsy Re: link two channels on my server - 21/06/21 07:55 PM
If you're an oper on the network, you could just /(sa|svs)join* them into the channel.

on *:join:#LetsChat:{
  if (o isincs $usermode) { sajoin $nick #UserHelp | sajoin $nick #Trivia }

*depending on the IRCd
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