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mIRC 'reset' after storm/power loss

Posted By: WeToddDid

mIRC 'reset' after storm/power loss - 06/05/21 09:32 PM

I used mIRC for MANY years......previously. Then kinda dropped away from it for 2-3 years. About a year or so ago I re-downloaded it and have been using it every now and then. I have the registered version and am currently using version 7.52 In the past I have shied away from updating because I usually have issues with either losing all or part of my settings, pop-ups, scripts etc. etc. (I'm sure it's from me doing something wrong backing it up and not mIRC). Ok, now the sad part of my story. Last night a storm took out my power and when it came back up and I restarted my computer, then mIRC it is like a freshly downloaded version of mIRC. It's still the 7.52 but with none of my previous settings. Now, although I was thinking this would be an opportune time to download the newest version if I'm going to have to 'rebuild' it from scratch. I'm still curious on just what/how it happened, how to prevent it from happening again or even the BEST option how to recover it back to the way it was (although deep down I would wager to think that a 0% possibility). Any advice/suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted By: Khaled

Re: mIRC 'reset' after storm/power loss - 07/05/21 06:36 AM

A storm can cause a power surge that affects the electronics of a computer. This can result in data loss and possibly permanent damage to the computer. The most common method of preventing this is to use a surge protector or a UPS and, of course, regular backups to a USB and/or online drive. Newer versions of mIRC have been updated over the years to try to mitigate data loss where power is suddenly lost but there is only so much an application can do in this situation.
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