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Where is the highlight option?

Posted By: saner

Where is the highlight option? - 16/03/21 10:08 PM

highlight option on mirc where is it not find it
I would like to hear play sound in a certain channel when the "word" that is in highlight is posted there

I have tried the search function here on the board, but with 1000 results search brings nothing so I do the posting

love from
Posted By: Epic

Re: Where is the highlight option? - 19/03/21 10:21 AM

This is now configurable via the "Address Book".

You can click on the corresponding button with this name on the top panel, or press the key combination "ALT+B" and then go to the "Highlight" tab, or simply enter the command "/abook -h".

For more details read here: https://www.mirc.com/help/html/index.html?address_book.html

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