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Loggings (maybe new feature in next version?)

Posted By: colt45

Loggings (maybe new feature in next version?) - 01/03/21 04:36 PM

Is there's a way I can keep logs in this format, i.e.

#channel.yyyymmdd (which I'm already setup for that) but to keep username logs without date i.e.


I've looked in the help and I can't seem to find it - I've been doing it manually every month and it's a lot of work for me frown

For this reason, the channel log can get large which is why I like to set it "By Month" however, when I chat with someone i.e. yesterday (Feb 28th) then we picked up our conversation today but I'm not seeing the previous logs because it's saved as February log.

How do I fix this?


Posted By: maroon

Re: Loggings (maybe new feature in next version?) - 02/03/21 02:07 AM

Can you describe the steps your taking which are failing? Because I was able to see logs from February during March by doing the following:

1. enable logging, selecting the option to date filenames by month
2. make sure the option for "automatic reload" is checkboxed for "chat"
3. copy into the logs folder, and give it filename: othernick.NameOfTheNetwork.20210201.log
4. Restart mIRC so there's no question of whether it needs to be a continuation of February, then reconnect to network
4. have the other nick send a message query to me

This opened a query window from the other nick, with a couple dozen lines from that February logfile. Though these reloaded lines aren't being redundantly logged into the March file too
Posted By: colt45

Re: Loggings (maybe new feature in next version?) - 02/03/21 03:30 AM

Ok, sorry if I wasn't clear frown

Let's say I have this on my old mIRC log...

Session Start: Fri Jan 01 00:00:00 2021
[2021/01/01 - 00:00:00] <Username> Jan 2021
Session Ident: Username

Session Start: Mon Feb 01 00:00:00 2021
[2021/02/01 - 00:00:00] <Username> Feb 2021
Session Ident: Username

Session Start: Mon Mar 01 00:00:00 2021
[2021/03/01 - 00:00:00] <Username> Mar 2021
Session Ident: Username

When I /query that user today - As expect mIRC will create a new filename Username.20210301.log but the chat log show up blank if there's no log from previous month i.e. Username.20210201.log - even tho it's the same username. I assumed it's was due to being saved as a month format.

Now, I've just checked what you're saying, and you're right, the previous month do come up to this current month (max 2 months!) but I'd like to bring up the entire log back up (of course I do use Window buffer to stop the mass loading) to see my old history rather than having to manually open each file from mirc/logs folder using one of the text readers.

This is why I was hoping to avoid that date format i.e. Username.log - I don't mind if it's being 1mb filesize or whatever but having approx 2000 log files (including monthly chat and channels log altogether) isn't ideal for me.

Here what I did completely fresh from start...

I've ran a brand new mIRC 7.64 install (portable) just now as I'm typing this up.

Ran the first time, then I went straight to Tools > Options > Auto Logging and it appears that is already ON by default so I did not make any further changes anywhere else on mIRC settings.

I made a copy of those 2 logs (Username.20201001.log or Username.20201101.log) from my old chat log into that new portable mIRC for test purpose.

When I type /query Username and what I see right now is blank - nothing coming from Username.20201001.log or Username.20201101.log!

Now, if I rename that Username.20201101.log to Username.20210301.log -- then log works - it does show up!

So, it's feels like to me that mIRC doesn't load up older log but only previous and current month.

The reason I use monthly because the actual channel I'm in, the number of files can get too many and I regularly purge those older logs but I'd never delete any of the chat logs.

Hope you get what I'm saying?

Hard for me to explain, and it's hard for me to write in English too. (Not my native language)

Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Loggings (maybe new feature in next version?) - 03/03/21 08:54 PM

Scanning a huge log directory is very resource intensive. mIRC only looks to see if there is a previous log of the exact expected name, and if that file does not exist then mIRC gives up on log playback.

If mIRC were to scan your huge log directory for the last-known most recent log from that user or channel, then it can spend upwards of 5 minutes scanning through files and mIRC would be completely unresponsive for that time period.

What you are asking for would require mIRC to maintain a database of logs and references to the most recent log of every channel / query / network entity. A log of logs, so to speak.
Posted By: colt45

Re: Loggings (maybe new feature in next version?) - 04/03/21 03:31 AM

"very resource-intensive" vs "time-consuming"

I'd choose "very resource-intensive" whistle

Looks like I have to figure it out myself frown
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