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Query issues with BNC

Posted By: tanar0

Query issues with BNC - 05/01/21 07:35 PM

Hello, had a question:

when i'm using a query while on bnc, and i previously added a network on it (let's say a network named: L), i got the following error:
L'CPRIVMSG Unknown command

if i don't add any networks, than it is working.

Any suggestion?

Posted By: maroon

Re: Query issues with BNC - 06/01/21 12:53 AM

See https://mircscripts.net/yXRtO where there's a similar problem with psyBNC caused by having the primary network be a network which supports CPRIVMSG and the others don't.

Note that this script works by deceiving mIRC into thinking that none of your networks support CPRIVMSG. I don't know if it would work to have this feature disabled only at some networks by inserting a line into the event handler, which would look something like:

if ($network !isin freenode) return
Posted By: tanar0

Re: Query issues with BNC - 06/01/21 03:00 PM

...seems working flawlessly!

Thank you so much!
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