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IPv6 and Identd

Posted By: sonagaia

IPv6 and Identd - 24/07/20 04:16 AM


I decided to try the built-in IPv6 capabilities of mIRC 7.61 (under Windows 10), and noted an issue during my testing.

Identd does not appear to work under IPv6. I've tested this across DALnet's and Undernet's servers and it is repeatable. Is this an issue with the servers or with mIRC? Identd works just fine with IPv4 on the same servers.

Thanks and regards.
Posted By: DooMaster

Re: IPv6 and Identd - 24/07/20 10:01 PM

Identd ? wow are there people that still uses that feature these days? :P :P :P
Posted By: Khaled

Re: IPv6 and Identd - 25/07/20 12:37 PM

I don't have access to IPv6 currently, however, as far as I recall, none of the features in mIRC that listen for incoming connections support IPv6. Normally, to listen on a specific port for incoming connections on a dual stack system, an application would need to open two sockets, one for IPv4 and one for IPv6.

That said, for users with a NAT router, like me, incoming connections on a specific port would need to be forwarded to a specific local address and port. My dual stack NAT router only supports forwarding an incoming port (with no provision for specifying the incoming address, ie. IPv4 or IPv6) to a local address and port, so it may not even be possible to forward incoming IPv6 connections.

If at some point I get access to an IPv6 connection, I will look into this.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: IPv6 and Identd - 27/07/20 06:39 PM

I have just tested this on an IPv6 connection and mIRC is receiving, and replying to, Identd requests when connecting to an IPv6 server address for both Rizon and Freenode.

mIRC does listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 sockets for Identd and DCC Server connections.

If it is not working for you, the most likely reason is that your NAT router or firewall are not configured correctly.
Posted By: maroon

Re: IPv6 and Identd - 06/08/20 06:31 AM

If OP is still trying to get identd to work, can you confirm whether DCC SEND is working while your $ip is an ipv6 address? If you've forwarded 113 and your DCC SEND range the same way, but can't DCC SEND, then you can't yet say identd is failing.

For myself, I confirmed that identd and dcc send were working while I was using 7.62 with $ip being an ipv4 address. However, when I switched over to using ipv6, the identd failed at Rizon and Freenode, but DCC SEND still worked with $ip being my ipv6 address, even though I've forwarded 113 and the DCC SEND range the same way. I found someone else who didn't have the ~ in front of their userid, so I connected to that same server to verify that the identd failure wasn't due to lack of support by the server.
Posted By: sonagaia

Re: IPv6 and Identd - 09/08/20 06:50 PM

Hello, and thanks for the replies.

To answer your question, yes... DCC SEND is working fine while my $ip is an IPv6 address. I have the DCC SEND ports forwarded in the router in the same way I've forwarded port 113 for Identd.

Both DCC Send and Identd work under IPv4.

The router I'm using is integral to the DSL Gateway provided by my ISP. In this router, when you forward ports, you don't forward to specific addresses. Instead, you forward to a given device name which is auto-detected by the router. It works fine for both DCC SEND and Identd under IPv4, but only for DCC SEND under IPv6.

Again, thanks for the reply. Best regards.
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