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twitch & mirc userlist & bots

Posted By: TinSoldier

twitch & mirc userlist & bots - 08/07/20 10:45 PM

So i can connect to my twitch channel, i can type in the chat in mirc & from firefox on my channel on twitch.
All text goes through properly.

For some reason, the users in my twitch channel chat don't show up on mirc's user list.

The only username is my own when i login to twitch.

I also added a dice script in the remote window, no errors are shown but the script seems to to not work, and when sending the command !dice on ( should turn on the script ) seems to be ignored, even though it shows up in twitch's chat window. i used ( /remote on ) as well.

I'm suspecting the issue here mite be twitchs IRC server and not interacting with MIRC properly to show users in the chat, which i also suspect may be breaking the dice games script too.

Can Anyone confirm where this issue lies, is it twitch or MIRC or other ?
and maybe a fix for this issue ( which seems to be solely with the users in chat list missing or not updating).
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