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script error popup on start

Posted By: tweek

script error popup on start - 16/01/20 07:23 AM

I have the latest mirc with a semi modded pnp script(old, I know). When I start mirc I get a popup saying there was an error. Is there a way to turn that off somewhere? It is annoying and I know there was an issue. It has done this for a few years now through several upgrades of mirc and computers. If not can there be something added to mirc to ignore a message after its been seen once or turn them off entirely? If not, oh well I have lived with it this long. Thanks!
Posted By: maroon

Re: script error popup on start - 16/01/20 09:41 AM

I don't see how anyone can answer this. It sounds like the error is reporting something harmless, since you've been able to use the script, but we really don't know. Sometimes older scripts are just warning that it may not work in a future unknown version, other times the error means that one of the features either doesn't work, or won't work correctly. Sometimes an error is halting the script from doing something else later on in the thread.

PnP still has people dealing with it, so it may be possible to find help there. Some related links are at https://mircscripts.net/1Vxgh
Posted By: kap

Re: script error popup on start - 16/01/20 11:40 AM

Do you have a screenshot of that pop-up/error?
Posted By: tweek

Re: script error popup on start - 28/01/20 06:39 AM

Sorry, I have not gotten a screen shot. I dont really care about fixing it I just was wondering if there was just a way to ignore the popup every restart. I have not found one anywhere so I will post something in feature suggestions. Thanks.
Posted By: kap

Re: script error popup on start - 28/01/20 07:38 AM

It would be very helpful to know what the error message is. A screenshot is easily made and uploaded to for example imgur and posted here. Without additional information it's just next to impossible to help out!
Posted By: tweek

Re: script error popup on start - 01/02/20 09:55 AM

https://imgur.com/a/DSuWTgw is the error message. its just a generic message

then my status window posts this:

[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:05am] *** Performing PnP startup... (profile - default)
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:06am] *** Addons loaded- Extras Spam Blocker iRCop Command Addon NickAlert IRCrypt (P&P version) Weather
* /reload: no such file 'E:\mIRC 7.58\32' (line 566, first.mrc)
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:06am] *** Error during 'Verifying loaded addons'
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:07am] *** Startup completed in 2.235 seconds
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:07am] *** ········································
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:07am] *** Welcome to PnP 4.22.8
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:07am] *** Press Alt+E for mIRC Setup
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:07am] *** Right-click in this window for server-related options
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:07am] *** Use the 'PnP' menu for configuration and other PnP options
[Feb/01/2020 Sat:02:06:07am] *** ········································

Like I said, I dont really need to fix it as it still works fine for what I need and quite frankly it is above my pay grade to dig much deeper into it. I just wish there was a way to click to ignore the message after its been seen. Maybe even reset so you have to check it again after a upgrade to new version if you didnt want to have it gone forever. Or even a way to click ignore for nor or ignore perm. But there it is. Thanks!
Posted By: kap

Re: script error popup on start - 01/02/20 12:38 PM

Thanks for finding that bug in PnP.

PnP is aware you've loaded PnP addons prior to PnP version 4. Because of that, the script requires script\addon320.mrc be loaded. If it cannot find it loaded it reloads it during startup. It errors because it's missing a '$+'

You will need to make a small change to L566 in script\first.mrc:
if ($script(addon320.mrc) == $null) .reload -rs $calc($script(0) - 2) script\addon320.mrc

if ($script(addon320.mrc) == $null) .reload -rs $+ $calc($script(0) - 2) script\addon320.mrc

I raised the issue on GitHub: (and closed it)

P.S.: Out of interest (being a maintainer for PnP on GitHub) would you be willing to share the code for the addons: iRCop Command Addon and NickAlert?
Posted By: tweek

Re: script error popup on start - 02/02/20 08:51 AM

Thank you Kap, this has fixed it. I have several diff folders in it from over the years and had to keep replacing that line, but it did eventually fix it. I dont know how to send you code for those files. It has been years since I started with this script and added them and dont remember what I did back then. If you are a regular in the irc chan in your signature I can try to join there sometime and see if I can help you get these. Warning I am a late nighter here in central timezone USA.
Posted By: kap

Re: script error popup on start - 02/02/20 09:19 AM


As for the addons code, you can perhaps pastebin them (https://pastebin.com) and post the links.

See you around!
Posted By: tweek

Re: script error popup on start - 04/02/20 07:06 AM

Are you present in the irc channel in your signature? I am in there and will try and help you get the scripts. I do not see your current nick so let me know who you are. I run late nights so we might have to leave messages back and forth.
Posted By: kap

Re: script error popup on start - 04/02/20 09:52 AM

I go by another nick on that channel. But I see that you've joined and sent you a message. smile
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