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what happened to (dns pool) at connect?

Posted By: william

what happened to (dns pool) at connect? - 27/11/19 01:28 AM

For a long time, my typical connection process went: try a default server, time out on that effort, try (what I interpreted as) dns pool, connect successfully every time. I assumed this meant that there was a server pool and if you connected there, you got whatever in the pool was available. Today, I timed out on 4 successive servers and then the effort was automatically cancelled. I just installed v58, but it did not help to re-install earlier versions. This continues to happen.

Any suggestions? Thanks
Posted By: Khaled

Re: what happened to (dns pool) at connect? - 09/12/19 09:57 AM

If the connection process was cancelled after four attempts, this usually means that your Options/Connect/Options/Retry settings are set to only retry a connection four times. You should try increasing the retry connection value.
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