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Separate windows help

Posted By: bambii

Separate windows help - 24/08/19 03:18 AM

I have no idea how to post an imagie URL of my MIRC, but it now comes up as two seperate sections, the status page & then the channels, I have to click back & forth instead of it all being one.
I uninstalled & reinstalled but the same thing happened, ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: maroon

Re: Separate windows help - 24/08/19 10:19 AM

The 3 icons at the upper-right corner of the main window. The right button closes the entire client, but the middle one toggles between normal window and maximized. Try clicking that middle button.

Also, while you're in not-maximized mode, you can click on the lower-right corner of each channel window and the server/status window and drag it to a smaller size and shape.
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