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mIRC settings lost...

Posted By: Awppenheimer

mIRC settings lost... - 14/08/19 09:10 AM

I just woke up, wanted to wake my laptop from sleep mode, but my ThinkPad has some kind of bug, where it sometimes cannot waken up and I have to hard reset it.

After a hard reset, Windows booted again, and when I started mIRC I saw a bright white mIRC windows with the pop-up again, like a fresh install.

I thought this shouldn't happen anymore?

Luckily I had some sort of backup, although it's from 2014, lol.

Nevertheless, maybe it would be a great feature to add a backup system, which idk once a week backups current settings. Would be nice.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: mIRC settings lost... - 14/08/19 06:42 PM

Search your harddrive for the file mirc.ini

The program "Everything" can help. https://www.voidtools.com/downloads/

If you find two or more mirc.ini files, then good, that likely means the older file contains all of your settings.

Make backup copies, then try to transpose the good mirc.ini file on top of the brand new mirc.ini file.
Or, figure out why mIRC is not finding the correct mirc.ini at its correct location. I have a whole article written about this, here.


mIRC does create backups every time you do a new install on top of an old install. The feature is turned on by default in the installer.
You might find a good recent copy of your mirc.ini (and other .ini files, ie, servers.ini) located there.

Make sure that mIRC is not running when you move files around on your harddrive.
Posted By: Cygnata

Re: mIRC settings lost... - 11/02/20 11:16 PM

This just happened to me, and ALL my mirc.inis were overwritten, including the backups! Very annoying, especially since I couldn't remember my SASL password for Freenode. >.<
Posted By: Khaled

Re: mIRC settings lost... - 12/02/20 07:43 AM

mIRC does not access your backup files in any way after they have been created by the installer. If they have indeed been deleted, this means that another application has deleted your ini files, most likely anti-virus software. This is actually quite a common issue and we have seen anti-virus software behave this way in the past, where valid files are misidentified as a virus/trojan and deleted. The only real solution to file loss issues like this is to make regular backups.
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