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Right Click on nicks stopped working

Posted By: mk96

Right Click on nicks stopped working - 16/04/19 02:45 AM

My computer froze up and I was forced to do a hard restart and suddenly when I right clicked n a nick I gt the pointing finger icon but nothing happened I've got zero scripting knowledge and don't mess with the stuff on the scripting pop up menu at at all so I have noidea how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated!
Posted By: maroon

Re: Right Click on nicks stopped working - 16/04/19 09:02 AM

Sounds like your popups.ini got trashed. If you press alt+P it opens the popups tab of the remotes editor, and should show lines of code for each of the 5 items on the 'view' menu of the popups editor. If the code is there, then that's not what caused your problem. If the nicklist and the rest of the 5 views are blank, then keep reading.

Popups.ini defaults to be located in the scripts subfolder beneath the folder where mirc.ini is located, which should display from pasting this command into any editbox:

//echo -a $mircini

If you find the popups.ini and it has a recent timestamp, that's a good indication it's the one being used by mIRC. If so, and you find the contents empty, these are the default contents you can use to replace the popups.ini, by pasting content into those 5 views of the alt+P popups editor, which would be blank. Default content for the 5 views would be:


.#mIRC:/names #mirc
.#irchelp: /names #irchelp
.names ?:/names #$$?="Enter a channel name:"
.#mIRC:/join #mirc
.#irchelp:/join #irchelp
.join ?:/join #$$?="Enter a channel to join:"
.query ?:/query $$?="Enter nickname to talk to:"
.Whois ?:/whois $$?="Enter a nickname:"
.Query:/query $$?="Enter a nickname:"
.Nickname:/nick $$?="Enter your new nickname:"
..Set Away...:/away $$?="Enter your away message:"
..Set Back:/away
.List Channels:/list
Edit Notes:/run notepad.exe notes.txt
Quit IRC:/quit Leaving


Channel Modes:/.channel



Info:/uwho $$1
Whois:/whois $$1
Query:/query $$1
Ignore:/ignore $$1 1 | /closemsg $$1
.Ping:/ctcp $$1 ping
.Time:/ctcp $$1 time
.Version:/ctcp $$1 version
.Send:/dcc send $$1
.Chat:/dcc chat $$1



Info:/uwho $1
Whois:/whois $$1
Query:/query $$1
.Ignore:/ignore $$1 1
.Unignore:/ignore -r $$1 1
.Op:/mode # +ooo $$1 $2 $3
.Deop:/mode # -ooo $$1 $2 $3
.Voice:/mode # +vvv $$1 $2 $3
.Devoice:/mode # -vvv $$1 $2 $3
.Kick:/kick # $$1
.Kick (why):/kick # $$1 $$?="Reason:"
.Ban:/ban $$1 2
.Ban, Kick:/ban $$1 2 | /timer 1 3 /kick # $$1
.Ban, Kick (why):/ban $$1 2 | /timer 1 3 /kick # $$1 $$?="Reason:"
.Ping:/ctcp $$1 ping
.Time:/ctcp $$1 time
.Version:/ctcp $$1 version
.Send:/dcc send $$1
.Chat:/dcc chat $$1
Slap!:/me slaps $$1 around a bit with a large trout

Menu Bar:


Join channel:/join #$$?="Enter channel name:"
Part channel:/part #$$?="Enter channel name:"
Query user:/query $$?="Enter nickname and message:"
Send notice:/notice $$?="Enter nickname and message:"
Whois user:/whois $$?="Enter nickname:"
.Ping:/ctcp $$?="Enter nickname:" ping
.Time:/ctcp $$?="Enter nickname:" time
.Version:/ctcp $$?="Enter nickname:" version
Set Away
.On:/away $$?="Enter away message:"
Invite user:/invite $$?="Enter nickname and channel:"
Ban user:/ban $$?="Enter channel and nickname:"
Kick user:/kick $$?="Enter channel and nickname:"
Ignore user:/ignore $$?="Enter nickname:"
Unignore user:/ignore -r $$?="Enter nickname:"
Change nick:/nick $$?="Enter new nickname:"
Quit IRC:/quit
Posted By: mk96

Re: Right Click on nicks stopped working - 16/04/19 08:51 PM

I think this would solve my problem but you're presuming greater technical expertise than I actually posses here. Can I impose a little more and ask you to pretend I'm five and try again?
Posted By: maroon

Re: Right Click on nicks stopped working - 17/04/19 02:22 AM


This is a script that makes a backup copy of mirc.ini every few hours, saving it to a filename that includes the day of the week. If any of these files get trashed again, you can quit mirc, find one of the backups, and copy it back to the original mirc.ini location, and it should have all your settings changes except any made in the last few hours. I've also used this when I messed up my colors palette.

By default, the script doesn't backup popups.ini because this rarely happens. If you want it to also backup the popups.ini, find the line containing 'pfiles' and remove the semi-colon at the front of it.

To install the script, copy the downloaded file into the folder where mirc.ini is located. Then in the alt+R editor, you can choose /file/load then locate the script.

Also, the 'support' dropdown at the top menu of that site has links to download the default popups.ini

Your antivirus may protest about the file being dangerous, but it's doing that because of the *.ini filename, but it's the same popups.ini that installs by default. You should be able to copy the downloaded popups.ini on top of the damaged one. Best to do it while mirc isn't running.

If you can't find the damaged one at all, look in the lower corner of the alt-P for the filename. If it just says popups.ini it's looking for the file in the same folder where mirc.ini is located. If it says scripts\popups.ini then it's looking in that subfolder beneath the folder holding mirc.ini

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