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Transparent pictures in whois info

Posted By: David

Transparent pictures in whois info - 23/03/19 10:41 PM

Hello all!

I have a problem or something ... when I make whois a nickname whether it's in the irc or not in that info in one of the lines I get a transparent square that is not annoying but is "ugly", I would like to know what can it be and how could that be solved, it has been coming out since I have windows 10. Those boxes also come out when I type to put the colors (CTRL + K), the bold (CTRL + B) and to finish the color / bold (CTRL + O), I do not know if I explain me...

I leave you a couple of screenshots, since a picture is worth a thousand words.

I would be very grateful if someone who understood the subject could help me.

Thanks you,


Posted By: maroon

Re: Transparent pictures in whois info - 24/03/19 04:45 AM

Unfortunately, even if these weren't pictures for ants, it wouldn't be worth enough words to come up with a solution, other than the fact that it's obvious that these are not the default appearances of these events, so it's caused by some kind of script you're using.

It's possible that the offending character can be captured in the clipboard, but not guaranteed.

1. Paste this next command into any editbox, but don't yet press ENTER, because we still need the clipboard from the next step.

//bset -t &v 1 $cb | echo -a $bvar(&v,1-)

2. Highlight the line with your left mouse button, then let go of the button when a range including the square is highlighted. This puts the range into your clipboard without needing to press Control+C. Since this is a visible character, you probably do not need to hold down the CONTROL button to include the color codes, so try it first without pressing CONTROL at the time you let go of the mouse button.

3. Now press ENTER to execute the command from #1. This should show the byte values for everything in the 1st line of your clipboard. The numbers 0-255 are the $asc(char) numbers for each byte in the clipboard, and it's possible that some characters are UTF-8 encoded into multiple byte values.

The numbers 0 thru 9 have $asc() values 48 thru 57, so hopefully those can help you locate which strange character is causing this.
Posted By: David

Re: Transparent pictures in whois info - 24/03/19 11:19 AM

Hello maroon!

Thanks for your response!

I've been looking in the ircap1.mrc file for the whois line and I found that line that causes the mirc to see that transparent square is the code $chr(1), 100% confirmed. I have put several $chr(1) codes in that whois line and they become that transparent square in the mirc. I leave capture so I can see it.

The attached images look a bit small, you can right click on them and you can see them in a new tab and they will look much better.

By the way, I do not have any addon or anything similar installed. It is a 100% clean installation of the mirc.

Posted By: Khaled

Re: Transparent pictures in whois info - 24/03/19 11:47 AM

If you are seeing an empty box, this means that that particular character does not have a defined glyph in the font you are using. You could try changing to a different font to see if that affects what is displayed. There is nothing you can do about this. It is entirely dependent on the font you are using. Some fonts might display the character as an empty space, other fonts might display it as a box, and yet other fonts might display it in some other way.
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