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Toolbar Icon Size

Posted By: Keithr

Toolbar Icon Size - 02/02/19 08:44 PM


Can anyone tell me if there's a way to get bigger icons in the mIRC toolbar? I can barely see them, much less identify them or click on them.

Thank you!
Posted By: maroon

Re: Toolbar Icon Size - 02/02/19 11:54 PM

They can be made slightly larger with

find the menu section for 'display' and change 'buttons' from 'small' -> 'large'.

But I've heard reports from people with 4k monitors that the icons can still be small for them.
Posted By: Keithr

Re: Toolbar Icon Size - 03/02/19 04:46 AM

Thanks, Maroon. "Slightly" is the key word. I did find the setting to Large before posting here. It didn't look like it made any difference at all. frown
Posted By: Erasimus

Re: Toolbar Icon Size - 03/02/19 12:48 PM

I just tried it too.

My impression was that it enlargened the buttons, but not the icons within the buttonss.
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