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Having an issue with MIRC

Posted By: paulgr

Having an issue with MIRC - 03/12/18 11:03 PM

yesterday, i got a BSOD (Blue Screen If death) and after the computer restarted, the only thing that does not work on MIRC is right clicking on names. I'm a mod so until i figure this out i got to start typing /mode commands. Is there anyone that can help? everytime i right click i hear a ding noise but that's it. I'm confused.
Posted By: maroon

Re: Having an issue with MIRC - 03/12/18 11:44 PM

When you hear the 'ding', is there also an error message displayed into the status window?

The right-click menu is mainly controlled by the popups menu, default filename popups.ini, and can also have scripting which appends extra items to it.

It's possible that popups.ini or another menu file was damaged during the BSOD. This should hunt in the folder where mirc.ini is located, looking there or in subfolders for the default name.

//noop $findfile($mircdir,popups.ini,0,9,echo -a $asctime($file($1-).mtime) $1- )

And this is the file mirc.ini is currently looking for. Any path is relative to the folder where mirc.ini is located.

//echo -a => $readini($mircini,pfiles,n3)

If you find a good copy of popups.ini and copy it where mirc is looking for it, you should be good to go.
Posted By: paulgr

Re: Having an issue with MIRC - 04/12/18 12:33 AM

I was in the help chat on MIRC and they gave me the cdes for Popups and it showed the mennus unlike before. but when i right click again i get a ding. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. closing and reopening MIRC restarting my pc everything. still getting the right click ding noise. i'm at wits end. as far as i know there is no error.
Posted By: maroon

Re: Having an issue with MIRC - 04/12/18 06:51 AM

just to be clear, this is the window I was asking if it had an error message when you hear the ding:

/window -a "Status Window"

Do you hear the ding when right-clicking on the nicklist only? or also when you right-click in the status window, or rightclick in #channel? Query Window?

I was thinking there would be an error message, because one of the default beeps is for a message added to a window that isn't scrolled all the way to the bottom, so if there's an error message that happens when you right-click, and it's displaying into a window that's not scrolled all the way to the bottom, ding!
Posted By: paulgr

Re: Having an issue with MIRC - 04/12/18 05:16 PM

it only happens on the user list. if i g to where i type and right click to paste something or on the window itself if i right click, i can do that, but i can't mod if all it does is make a noise on the user list. I wish i knew what was going on. i do know when i try to load a .ini under popups Load is there but not unload. unload is not highlighted. only load. Obviously this is where the problem is but nothing works no matter what i do.
Posted By: maroon

Re: Having an issue with MIRC - 04/12/18 06:05 PM

It's normal for unload to be grey'ed out for all 5 of the popups in the Alt+P window's /view list.

I was able to get my nicklist popups to beep at me by changing it to another file then deleting it.

This should show that all 5 popups are loaded, and are usually the same filename. Paste into status window or any #channel editbox:

//var %i 0 | while (%i < 5) { var %a n $+ %i | echo -a %a $readini($mircini,pfiles,%a) | inc %i }

The 4th one n3 is the nicklist popup. It's probably blank, points to a different filename than the other 4, or has a blank [lpopups] section.

If it's different than the other 4, you can force it to use the same file. Substitute the path\filename shown in the above listing if it's different than this:

/load -pn scripts\popups.ini

If it still beeps, go to Alt+P window and choose 'nicklist' from the /view menu. If it's blank, that means your popups.ini doesn't have the [lpopups] section, possibly damaged during your BSOD.

This should load into notepad to view the popups file used by your nicklist:

//run notepad $readini($mircini,pfiles,n3)

If your popups is shared by all 5 types of popups, you should see 5 [section names]. It doesn't matter which order they appear. Unless you've edited the popups away from default, the last line in these 5 sections should begin:

[cpopup] n0=
[bpopup] n20=
[mpopup] n24=
[qpopup] n12=
[lpopup] n24=

If your [lpopup] is blank, you can replace it with:

1. go to Alt+P window
2. click on view, and select "nick list"
3. paste the default lines into it:


Info:/uwho $1
Whois:/whois $$1
Query:/query $$1
.Ignore:/ignore $$1 1
.Unignore:/ignore -r $$1 1
.Op:/mode # +ooo $$1 $2 $3
.Deop:/mode # -ooo $$1 $2 $3
.Voice:/mode # +vvv $$1 $2 $3
.Devoice:/mode # -vvv $$1 $2 $3
.Kick:/kick # $$1
.Kick (why):/kick # $$1 $$?="Reason:"
.Ban:/ban $$1 2
.Ban, Kick:/ban $$1 2 | /timer 1 3 /kick # $$1
.Ban, Kick (why):/ban $$1 2 | /timer 1 3 /kick # $$1 $$?="Reason:"
.Ping:/ctcp $$1 ping
.Time:/ctcp $$1 time
.Version:/ctcp $$1 version
.Send:/dcc send $$1
.Chat:/dcc chat $$1
Slap!:/me slaps $$1 around a bit with a large trout
Posted By: paulgr

Re: Having an issue with MIRC - 04/12/18 06:17 PM

yes that worked. it was the nick list as you said that was the issue. when i loaded that in the nick list it started right clicking with the menus again. Thank you so much Maroon. smile
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