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Posted By: xplo Match nick and ident then ban - 11/11/18 08:32 PM
Hey. So we have an issue on our network with spam, most bots have their nickname in the ident. Usually this is not something that regular people do. So i figured i could try to ban every users with this, and message them about false positives at the same time. this is what i got so far.
On @*:JOIN:#:{
  var %_ident = $gettok($gettok($fulladdress,1,$asc(@)),2,$asc(!))
  if ($nick isin %_ident) { ban # $nick 2 | kick # $nick This is a possible bot. If not, please message me for removal }
  msg #Sebastien  14[7beta FuckSpam14] $nick: $nick matched %_ident 

But i am not sure it's efficient enough.

Help pls? smile
Posted By: Wims Re: Match nick and ident then ban - 11/11/18 09:04 PM
Hello, if you are using the IAL (it's on by default), you can use $ial($fulladdress).user to get the ident, which should be more efficient, you can also use ban -k to kick the user as well instead of using two commands.
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