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Font Name/Size in Dialog text items?

Posted By: maroon

Font Name/Size in Dialog text items? - 13/06/17 08:44 PM

I'm not asking for a way to change the text font in dialogs, I'm asking if there's a way for a script to find out what is the text font+fontsize used in dialogs?

I went into Windows Control Panel and made a theme where I changed every font reference listed as Consolas, and I saw #channel and @window titlebars and the main/rightclick menus changed to Consolas. The dialog titlebar also changed to Consolas, but the dialog font for button-text, text items, dropdowns, lists, etc remains the same proportional font as before, and looks like the same font still used in Alt-o options.

For a text item of limited width displaying a c:\path\filename, when the string is obviously way too long to fit, I'm currently snipping the middle part of the string and replacing it with "~", so it displays c:\pat~ilename, but because the font is proportional it sometimes snips too much and sometimes snips too little. I was hoping to be able to use $width(text,font,size) to more accurately allow the script to calculate how much text fits for each filename.
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