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Posted By: VijoPlays Is it possible to compare 2 text files? - 03/02/17 05:03 PM
I'm trying to make a script, where mIRC asks for the content of 1 text file and compares it to another, then executes a certain order.

(I can post the script, though it should not be needed, as it is just a question about the program. smile )

As in: if text1.txt != text2.txt
write text2.txt $read(text1.txt)
[This will overwrite the textfile 2 with the content of text1.]

Thanks in advance for any help! =)
You can use $file $md5 $sha /bread to be as thorough as you want.
Could you tell me how this is supposed to be written then?
Right now I have it set up, so it reads both the files and compares them.

if ($read(txt1) != $read(txt2))

Didn't work with those so far (or well, not enough to fully understand them), so I'm not sure how I could use them here.

P.S.: I do realize this is part of scripting help, but I'd rather not make another post so this 'issue' is clean in one spot. :P

I managed to work around it and it's working now.^^

Thanks for the help!
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