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Accepting Send

Posted By: Easy

Accepting Send - 23/12/02 10:59 PM

it says Accepting send for a couple seconds and than it says Accepting send
Connection failed

what can i do about it. confused confused
Posted By: Collective

Re: Accepting Send - 23/12/02 11:06 PM

If you are running the XP firewall go here.
Posted By: Easy

Re: Accepting Send - 23/12/02 11:08 PM

No i'm using Norton Personal Firewall

and mirc also says You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (180 seconds remaining until timeout)
Posted By: Collective

Re: Accepting Send - 23/12/02 11:11 PM

Try doing what Dana said here.
Posted By: Dana

Re: Accepting Send - 25/12/02 04:07 AM

You should also keep in mind that often dcc problems lie at the sender's side and not the receiver's. So if you did press the "accept/get" button when the dcc window pops up and the send is not working .. ask if the sender is able to send files successfully to other people.

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