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Highlight not working? (v7.42)

Posted By: khigh

Highlight not working? (v7.42) - 22/07/15 08:47 PM

Hi all. A picture's worth a thousand words, I suppose, so...

By my count, both of those terms should be highlighting. I THINK it actually even works on another network. This is on DALnet if that makes any difference.

Oh - the client saying it is a web client, as I look in on Mirc - I'm not trying to highlight my own typing.

Thanks for looking!

Posted By: sparta

Re: Highlight not working? (v7.42) - 23/07/15 06:25 AM

Highlight is what i know used for other peoples text, if you want to highlight your own text, then you need to use on input, and that is something you need to make your self, or google for a addon/script that do it for you.

; Edit.

Look at this:


Maybe you can use that, change "TEXT" to "INPUT", dont know if it works, just a idea.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Highlight not working? (v7.42) - 23/07/15 07:11 AM

It looks like you are separating the words by both commas and spaces ie. ", Kevin,", so mIRC is looking for the word " Kevin". If you type ", Kevin ,", that will match " Kevin ", surrounded by spaces. If you type ",Kevin,", that will match any word containing "Kevin".
Posted By: khigh

Re: Highlight not working? (v7.42) - 23/07/15 09:58 PM

Hey thanks! that was exactly it!

The reason it was working on other servers was it was conversational - always preceded by a space - this was just testing with no space in front. Duh!

Thanks again! I've been a user about forever (almost all of it paid), but I lost all my years of settings recently because my backup wasn't backing up "Program Files", assuming nothing kept settings in there any more.

So I'm starting over. thanks again - that was a big help.

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