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Move mIRC to new computer

Posted By: ebrunning

Move mIRC to new computer - 14/05/14 08:39 PM

I am upgrading to a new computer and need instructions on how to move mIRC to the new system. If I have to install the program on the new system, will I be able to move my version 6 to the newer program version? I had a difficult time getting the program to work on my current system and want to avoid the gruesome issues I had. Both OS's are the same, but the new system is 64bit.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Move mIRC to new computer - 15/05/14 03:06 PM

By default, mIRC saves its settings in an "mIRC" folder in the Windows Users folder.

In Windows 7/8, the path to the folder will look something like C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\mIRC

In Windows XP, the path to the folder will look something like C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\mIRC

To copy your mIRC settings to another computer, you will need to copy this "mIRC" folder to the same location (based on the Windows version, as above) on your new computer. You can then install mIRC on your new computer as usual and mIRC should use these settings automatically.

Another way to find this folder is to run mIRC, open the "Tools" menu, and click on the "Received Files" menu item. This will open Windows Explorer at the "download" folder in your mIRC folder. You can then backup the whole "mIRC" folder and copy it to your new computer.
Posted By: hello_it_is_me

Re: Move mIRC to new computer - 20/02/15 12:41 AM

Hi, I also have to move MIRC to a new computer. I forgot my registration key/id/whatever you sent me, and don't remember which of my email addresses I used to get it. I think I actually had it mailed to me on paper. Can I just install MIRC on the new machine, and copy that 1 folder to the new machine, and I don't have to re-register that copy of MIRC again? Is there some option in MIRC that will tell my what my registration key/id/whatever is, so I can type it into the new copy of MIRC on the new computer? Is it in some file somewhere? Thanks for any help you can give.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Move mIRC to new computer - 20/02/15 12:48 AM

If you did a Portable install of mIRC, the registration information will be stored in mirc.ini instead of your system registry. In this way, the Portable install can be easily moved from one system to another.

You can alternately attempt to copy the Windows Registry information for mIRC from the old computer to the new, but I can't guarantee this will work, and you can risk damage to your system registry. Proceed with caution.

Try to recover your registration on the following webpage. Try each and all of the possible email addresses you own.

Posted By: hello_it_is_me

Re: Move mIRC to new computer - 20/02/15 01:12 AM

I'm looking through mirc.ini, but don't see anything regarding a registration key. I also looked at HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Mirc. There is a License key, and it has a value with 4 digits followed by a dash, followed by 6 digits. Is that my registration license that I can use to register on the new machine? Would that be the only thing I would need to register on the new machine? No name or email address? I also see a Validated key with some binary data, maybe around 50 characters long. Would I need that also, or just the License key?
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Move mIRC to new computer - 20/02/15 03:15 AM

Looking at my registration email versus my system registry, your license information is in the form of:


The values are retrievable from:


You should complete the normal About > Registration process rather than copying the system registry from one computer the another.

You should ignore the Validated key as it is unique to that system will be generated on its own following the normal registration process.

You can do a Portable install so you don't have to worry about this in the future as it will be stored in mirc.ini

You should write this information down into a leather bound book that includes all your passwords and software licenses, stored in your fire safe. smile
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