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User "quits" colour?

Posted By: ltwally

User "quits" colour? - 05/04/13 12:16 AM

Though it's sometimes (netsplit!) very annoying, I mostly want to see messages when users quit the channel/network. However, I do not like the Navy Blue colour that is used. Is it possible, by mIRC option or script, to change it?

If so, how?

Posted By: Loki12583

Re: User "quits" colour? - 05/04/13 12:34 AM

Press Alt+K or go to View>Colors
Posted By: ltwally

Re: User "quits" colour? - 05/04/13 12:41 AM

Originally Posted By: Loki12583

D'oh! I long ago set mIRC to open everything on the desktop. Totally forgot to check if there was anything in the main program that wasn't available by right-clicking > Options on the tray icon.

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