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Windows 7 and logs folder

Posted By: Aelanna

Windows 7 and logs folder - 21/01/13 12:18 AM

I have been using Mirc for chatting since 1996. I've used it under every version of Windows to XP without any problems. I recently got a new computer running Windows 7 64-bit. The problem is, I use Mirc under different online names for different purposes, and always held my logs in a subfolder under mirc\logs. i.e.: mirc\logs\folder1, mirc\logs\folder2, etc.

But under Windows 7 no matter what version of Mirc I try (I've tried several versions from 5.81 to 7.29), I can't set my logs folder to a subfolder of \logs. I don't want to dump everything into one logs folder. Are subfolders not supported in Windows 7, or is there something more I need to do that I'm missing? Please help.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Windows 7 and logs folder - 21/01/13 11:14 AM

You can either place mIRC.ini into your install folder, or you can change your shortcut to make use of the -r switch to set the path of the data files.
Posted By: Huios

Re: Windows 7 and logs folder - 17/10/14 07:36 PM

I'm new here...I got a new computer and used Norton 360 to put my old files on my new computer...both windows 7 64 bit. But I can't seem to find my log files or scripts or anything. How do I move that information over?

Thank you
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