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Posted By: marisco Notify Address Book File? - 16/11/12 11:32 AM
Notify Address Book
Hello where to save the file is saved nicks in notifications when a "nick" is connected to the network.
I have enough and is too slow and heavy to copying one by one in a file and then add ...

It can make a backup? or file contains this information?

Posted By: Horstl Re: Notify Address Book File? - 16/11/12 02:13 PM
Notify entries are stored in your "mirc.ini" file (editbox command: //echo -a $mircini) at "[notify]".
Note that you have to close mIRC prior to any manual editing of the file. You could also create a simple mIRC batch script according to your needs (add only new entries from file / replace all entries with file content / save all entries to file / ...).
Posted By: marisco Re: Notify Address Book File? - 05/05/13 01:40 PM

I use the Piriform CCleaner, for clean my pc. cookies, more more...and i lost the all list of my notifys, frown

Its normal?
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