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Pause, how?

Posted By: Anakunda

Pause, how? - 26/10/12 08:56 AM

I need something that forces logon scrip pause between commands as the followed command needs to wait for previous command be fully handled by the server. If I use /msg nickserv IDENTIFY following by command to invite me to private channel, it fails with error I need to register first.

So the sequence
/msg nickserv IDENTIFY
/msg ChannelBot password <---- here it already requires that I'm identified

doesnot work. Anyy hint?
Posted By: 5618

Re: Pause, how? - 26/10/12 09:07 AM

mIRC uses timers. See /help /timer
E.g. /.timer 1 5 msg ChannelBot etc.

That said, instead of just sending the commands like that, I would recommend identifying to NickServ upon receiving the NOTICE from NickServ asking you to identify (see /help on notice) and sending your msg to the bot after NickServ sends you the notice that you have successfully identified.
Posted By: Anakunda

Re: Pause, how? - 26/10/12 09:11 AM

Thanks, and additional question how do I recognize more mirc instances minimized to tray by the balloon instead of bare mIRC, in case I want to restore client for a specific network.
Posted By: 5618

Re: Pause, how? - 26/10/12 09:18 AM

I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

You are running multiple instances of mIRC? (Is there a specific reason for this? You know you can connect to multiple networks at the same time in one instance of mIRC, right?)
And you want to do what?
Posted By: Anakunda

Re: Pause, how? - 26/10/12 09:25 AM

I didnot know that I can connect to multiple networks. If I connect to another network, my client always disconnects from the current, so I had opened one client for each network. How do I tell mIrc to use more networks in same instance?

//edit - ah I find it already, I need to open a new windows, resolved.

Yet to 1st question:
/ajinvite off
/msg nickserv IDENTIFY abcde
on !1:NOTICE:*Password accepted - you are now recognized*:#:/msg ChannelBot invite 123456

gives this error: ON Unknown command

What did I wrong?

Posted By: 5618

Re: Pause, how? - 26/10/12 09:42 AM

Yes, you open a new window via the menu or if you use the /server command to connect then you use server -m (see /help /server).

As for the other command... You are probably using Perform here, right?
An on NOTICE script needs to go in Remote script, found via Alt+R or under Tools > Scripts Editor...
You probably need to change the code you have to:

on !1:NOTICE:*Password accepted - you are now recognized*:*: if ($network == NETWORK) .msg ChannelBot invite 123456

I changed # to * since it's probably not a channel notice and I included a check to only send the command on a specific network, since you won't want to do it on all networks where NickServ asks you to identify. You'll need to replace NETWORK with whatever the value for $network is on that specific network. Type //echo -a $network to see the correct value for your network.
Posted By: Anakunda

Re: Pause, how? - 26/10/12 10:02 AM

Bingo, got it working.
TY cool
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