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I Need A Snippet
When Clients Connect On My SErver Snippet Check Their Ctcp Version If Its Not Reply Then KILL The Nick when it reply like Pjirc then /sajoin nick #Cafe
Waiting For Reply Thanks
Assuming you are using UnrealIRCd..

You can add a
auto-join "#cafe";
inside the set {} of your unrealircd.conf and forcejoin everyone into that channel. Some people might find this rather rude, as not everyone likes to be force joined into a channel.

If you are using another IRCd, check its documentation.
You're likely looking for help with the ircd you're using, not mIRC. It is possible to script it with mIRC, but you probably want to look at what bots/services are available on your ircd. There *ARE* some IRCDs that have these kinds of bots/services, but they are out of the scope of this forum.
I kNow Brother Im Using UnrealIrcd But I Dont Know Any System Like This So Thats Why I Post Here
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